My Favorite Song By Alex Boye

Hi guys, so recently I have been listening to a lot of Alex Boye. If you are not sure who this is, he is a mormon singer and artist. I actually discovered him due to my daughter. My daughter, Sophia, loves frozen and Alex Boye made an africanized version of the song, which she seems to really love. Well going through is playlist I found a couple of other songs that I really enjoy, like Shake it by Taylor swift and Cold Play paradise. The one that I loved the most was his version of, I Will Rise. It is a Christian song, so I know some of you will be opposed to listening to it, but for all the Jesus lovers, I highly suggest you give it a listen. I will actually post the music video below. Let me know if you know any better versions of this song in the comments below!

Update on My Backyard Chicken Project

Well its been about a month now since I started my little chicken farm. I must say, I was a little nervous when I first received them, but I am learning the ropes pretty quickly.

I owe must of my success to Andre and his Living Hens – Backyard Chicken blog. I’m also very active in the backyard chickens forums, since the chicken owners there are super helpful to newbies like myself.

One thing I like about owing chickens, is the stories I can tell people. Most people still think raising hens is strange if you don’t live on a farm, so its a way for me to start a conversation. One story that I have been telling people recently is when one of my chickens found a way out of the cage. Here is how that day went:

Well I woke up in the morning, did my daily rituals, and went outside to feed the chickens. When I arrived to the coop, I noticed Polly was missing and couldn’t figure out, for the life of me, where she ran off to. I looked under our deck, in the bushes, and around the shed. I must have looked for around 15 minutes and I couldn’t find anything. After the 15 minutes, I just left it at that and thought she will come back sooner or later. Well about 20 minutes later I found Polly. Do you want to guess where she was hiding? She was in my car! I must have left the garage door open and she fly in the window. I just giggled and asked her if she wanted to come to work with me.

Well having chickens so far has been pretty fun. To all the chickens owners who read my blog, have you had any funny experiences? Let me know in the comments.

New Fire Pit for Our Backyard

As you all know, I love to start projects for my home. I recently moved into a new home with my fiance, Tom, and we are always looking for ways to make it look homey. Last week we decided we wanted to add a fire-pit to the backyard, and the landscaping company is coming today to construct the fire-pit. Tom and I thought it would be a good ideal, because we want to have are friends come over for the cook-outs we hold ever summer. Being able to have a couple beers and sit by the fire pit would be pretty nice and relaxing. Who knows, we may ever make some smores overs the fire.

Here is a picture of a pit we are told the landscaping company we wanted to have for our backyard:



We are also getting the seating area made as well so everyone can have room to sit. So what do you guys think? Do you think a fire pit is a good things to add to our home? Let me know in the comments!

Finally Choose the Coop

coop-300x233You guys probably already know from my last post that I wanted to get some chickens in my backyard. Well after doing a lot of research, I finally decided that I am going to buy rustic chicken coop plans, which have a garden on top, so I can plant my carrots and tomatoes. I like this ideal, because I would be able to keep my chickens and garden in one area of my backyard. My kids would be able to have more space as well, which is the man reason I wanted to consolidate the coop and garden together. I pasted a picture above of what the coop is should look like when I am finished. Lets just hope I get this right!

Interesting Backyard Hobbies

You probably don’t know this, unless you are a close friend, but I like to try out hobbies most people would find quite weird. I can remember when I use to make everything out of duck-tape, and even made a duck-tape dress. I only wore the dress a couple times, because so many people would give my crazy stares. One thing I picked up this year is the hobby of raising chickens. The reason I wanted to try  it out, was due to the chickens I saw at the White House.  As I was walking by, I saw that they had a couple chickens in their backyard and thought it was pretty cool.

Here is a picture of my daughter feeding our chickens:

The rooster is named, Bruce, and is named after my sons favorite super hero; Batman. I let me daughter, Robin name all the hens, and they are all Disney princess names, like Bell, Jasmine, Elsa, and Anna. I missed a few but we have 12 hens in total and one Rooster. I did get two more hens, Elsa and Anna, so we used a barn type coop design, so all the hens would have room to spread their wings, no pun intended. I was able to talk with Susan Orlean, and she was able to help me expanded by little chicken farm.  As of now, I would say that I love this hobby and plan on doing it for many years to come.

Let me know, if you plan of getting some hens for your backyard in the comments.

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