Shocking News From My Best Friend

shockingSo today I was talking with my friend Tiffany and she told me something I wasn’t expecting. She told me she was thinking about getting a nose job. The reason it surprised is because she was always against it. I can still remember the day she was trying to convince me not to get rhinoplasty surgery. I just asked her if she really wanted to get it done and for what cause. I think her nose looks perfect, but I guess she is having trouble breathing.

She went to the doctor already and they told her the procedure should help her breath better. I do remember her telling me that she has been having trouble with breathing the past couple of years so I do hope that it works out fine. I’m also going to tell her my experience with getting rhinoplasty to help keep her calm about the surgery process. ¬†Out of all me friends, she is the one who will get worried the most about getting needles stuck in her.



New Home Project for the Fall

backyard-chickensOver the last few days, I have been thinking of taking up a new project for the summer. I have been wanting to build something like a new shed, but came up with an even better ideal. The ideal I came up with is to start raising chickens! I know it sounds kinda crazy, but it actually is something people in my town are starting to pick up. I saw someone a block from be have hens walking around in their backyard and I though it was the coolest things in the world. They seem simple to raise and it will be a fun hobby to get into. It will also be nice to have free range eggs, all from my very own backyard.

I have been asking around on the best ways to get started and most people refer me to Kens Chicken Farm. He is a chicken owner that created a blog for newbies that want to start their own chicken farm in their backyard.

The lady who owns all the chickens down the street told me she found Ken’s site very helpful and to also check it out for the simple coop designs. As of right now, I am using that site for information, and another great site that has a forum for backyard chickens owners.

If you are a thinking about having your own chickens someday, I would highly recommend that you join the forum to talk to other people who love backyard chickens.

Once I get everything set up, I will be sure to share everything with you guys. I may even have you guys help me name the hens, depending on how many my husband will allow be to have. If you guys have any suggestions on names already, please let me hear them! Just write them in the comment section below and I’ll tell you guys my top favorite names.